Thursday, February 11, 2010

This and that....

This is the longest I have gone without posting at the very least a kid picture or something.
Steve Aubry promptly has scolded me for slacking here and I must say I don't really have an excuse. I just haven't been in a blogging mood. I guess I could give a wee update on life in the White house...
I am still bar tending,tuning,taking shots and yes, working at the Church.
Four benefits, gotta love that. Bitter? I have to say a little. I'm working very hard but feel like I have job ADD. "oh yes, we have a fine Belgian trappist ale..MUSIC! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY CAN'T PLAY THAT SUNDAY!!...oh, sir would you like a glass with that beer? I am all over the road. I feel like am not giving any of my gigs the attention they need. On the up side I seem to be settling into the Arts Director job.
People are being nicer and I have had some amazing players stepping up. A rare treat for me was having Jon Glista come up from Dayton to spend some time with our old friend Wayne McGee. He offered to play guitar with us but knowing he leads worship at a pretty big Church down in OH I told him to just plan on leading for us. I haven't played on stage with him in about 27 years. What a treat.

Another group of players have also stepped up to take over music one Sunday a month.
To have a Hammond endorsed player offer to well, play. You gotta take hi up on it.
These fine folks also bring four serious voices to the table...seriously good.

Oh this picture reminds me that yes, I know my beard is getting stupid, I'm just going as along as I can take it. I was eating cereal the other day, finished realizing that my beard had been resting in my milk...interesting. I have no clue how those Civil War dudes ate with the crazy face hair they used to sport...I digress.

I actually really am liking the music job. A far departure from a month ago when I wanted to kill 60% of the people on the music team.

The bar is the need to go on.

The wee ones are great to play with, they came over after this weeks snow for some play time. Kim is really learning how to get some great shots with the camera, I only afraid she's going to want to claim it as hers...ha.

Well great now I can't shut up!
I guess I did have a couple of things to blog about.