Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another cool opportunity...

Through Face Book, I have reconnected with a high school alum who is a photographer.
I went to her studio for a quick test shoot. I am going to use the studio for a model shoot with one of the servers from Palmers.
Here's a demo of the quality that can be attained if you have the right gear.
With about five minutes of prep, I saw all I needed to see.
Stay tuned for future pictures...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A good gig...

With the production company I am working for here and there, I have to make some concessions. They have some of the best AV guys in the biz and there's no way I can compete with them, they really are amazing guys. When I am on these shows. I am a basic stage hand building sets and jumping in where needed, then run cameras for the shows. This show in Park City UT was a wee bit different. After building sets, my job was as a still camera guy. I just ran around documenting as much of the events as I could. I shot around 1100 pictures but one of the coolest things was shooting individual shots with Tom Brokaw and the various company execs and clients. After the shoot I asked if I could take my picture with him and he was more than gracious.

Here are a few more samples of this weeks job...

Waiting on a flight back home and grateful for the opportunity to spend a few days shooting and getting paid for it. More about Park City in a few.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

La France Cafe and Crepes...

One thing both Kim and myself love is to see people passionate about what they do.
Be it the visual or audible arts, agriculture or a profession, we try our hardest to support that passion.
Moroccan born, French ex pat, Chef Ben is one of those people that just gets it.
A classic French trained Chef, Ben has opened a cafe right here in Lombard.
I challenge you to find a better breakfast. The crepes are tender and filled with the freshest ingredients. Sweet or savory, we have not been disappointed.
Kim and myself have fallen in love not only with his food but his genuine love of life.