Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bacon with Pa Pa...

So today was yet another day having breakfast with one my favorite people Amelia.
After French toast with bacon and orange juice, we usually head up to see Kim (Meema) at the wildlife place, today was no different. A trip to the park to round out the morning makes for some of my favorite times. Little Olive is now sitting up and will soon be joining us on our adventures...

Off to New Hampshire and Connecticut tomorrow.

Look who is sitting up on her own!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The South East....A 3rd World Country?

So I'm in Atlanta doing a 3 day show for MicroStuff and I keep seeing huge gas shortages on the news. No gas for Atlanta and most of Georgia. I climb back into my Penske truck to make my way back to IL and see I only have a quarter tank. According to the fuel gauge, I can make it 90 miles. I head out of the city and immediately I am seeing abandoned cars on the highway...not good. I get 45 minutes away and I the gauge now says I have 30 miles. I pulled up to 9 stations that had plastic bags hung over the pumps, no gas. At one of the stations I pulled into I saw a car with FL plates obviously out of gas with a woman sobbing trying to figure out what to do. I drove a bit more and find a 10th with bags over only 2 of the 3 pump nozzles? dare I try? I pull up and there's a sign reading. "due to the gas shortage all that is left is premium. 25.00 limit." I get my precious 25 dollars worth of gas. I can make it another 120 miles. I heard that once I got into Tennessee, I should be fine. I get to Chattanooga with the gauge once again reading 20 miles left. 5 gas. Man, I just want to go home but it was looking like I was going to be stuck there. I turned down a random street that didn't look too lit up but at the end I saw a station with it's lights on. No bags? No Signs?
I was able to top off the mileage range? 327 miles...NICE!
I stopped just outside of Nashville for the night.

Quite the drive...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh man, God is funny...

I'm on my way to Atlanta to do a show and I stopped just South of Louisville for the night. Sunday morning I decided to drive and plan to stop at whatever town happens to be on my route around 10:15ish to make it in time for a 10:30 church service. We have a winner, Horse Cave KY. It's 9:15 so I add an hour for the time change and search through my GPS search feature for churches. After looking at about 12 Baptist churches I finally found a non denominational and punched in the address. I pull up and see a nice church with a nice looking older couple getting out of their car. I asked them if they had a 10:30 service and they replied. "Well we have an 11 but your still in Central Time so it's only 9:30, you're welcome to join us for Sunday School?" I agree and go in with them. Their class had about 30 Senior citizens in it and myself. They asked me how I found them. I told them of my trusty GPS. I also told them how many Baptist Churches I had to sift through. I then say loudly out of the side of my mouth. "You all sure have a ton of Baptists around here..hehehe" The teacher replies "uh, son? we're Baptists"
HUH? I slid out of my chair on the floor laughing and they also laughed.
I WENT IN THE WRONG CHURCH!!!! The Christian Church was next door.
After trying to compose myself, I stood up rubbed my hands together and asked.
"Besides me, do you all have anything else to pray for?"
Again they laughed and handed me a Bible.
I often joke....could be worse, could be a Baptist.

Joke's on me these folks were pretty nice to this fool.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Careful what you ask for...

I created a website for a charity that takes care of very very sick kids in Haiti. It's basically a hospice to take care of them until they die.
Once it's up and running and has the charity PayPal verified, I'll send a note out.
I was thinking on how I sure would like to be the first to donate but I've been out of work for two months and don't start again until the 21st of this month.
I was driving and praying for some sort of an answer and a few minutes later the company I contract for called me and booked me every working day until I go back on the road....7 days of pay I wasn't expecting. I guess I have to pony up the bread now...WITH PLEASURE!

So for now I have my backpack and lunch box...I'm back to work!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Flower Girl

The same day we were enjoying Jen's wedding, little Miss Amelia was in another wedding.
Kim asked Laura how she was going to get her down the isle and Laura replied,
"no problem, Jim up front waving a bag of fruit snacks"
Apparently it worked....nice

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A great lyric

The song isn't fantastic but there's one of the best lyrics I've heard in a long time.
This is an old Atlantic Rhythm Section tune covered by that FretKiller guitar guy.

"Winners are losers who keep rolling on..."

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Thompson wedding...

My niece Jennifer got married this past weekend to Tim Peters. From the wedding ceremony in St. Joe to the reception at The Round Barn it was a very nice and relaxed day.
The centerpiece was Jen and her dress (as it should be) it was a throw back to the 20's, stunning I must say.

A good time was had by all...

(click to see a bigger versions)

All of all the pictures I took, I missed Donna and John...sorry