Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh man, God is funny...

I'm on my way to Atlanta to do a show and I stopped just South of Louisville for the night. Sunday morning I decided to drive and plan to stop at whatever town happens to be on my route around 10:15ish to make it in time for a 10:30 church service. We have a winner, Horse Cave KY. It's 9:15 so I add an hour for the time change and search through my GPS search feature for churches. After looking at about 12 Baptist churches I finally found a non denominational and punched in the address. I pull up and see a nice church with a nice looking older couple getting out of their car. I asked them if they had a 10:30 service and they replied. "Well we have an 11 but your still in Central Time so it's only 9:30, you're welcome to join us for Sunday School?" I agree and go in with them. Their class had about 30 Senior citizens in it and myself. They asked me how I found them. I told them of my trusty GPS. I also told them how many Baptist Churches I had to sift through. I then say loudly out of the side of my mouth. "You all sure have a ton of Baptists around here..hehehe" The teacher replies "uh, son? we're Baptists"
HUH? I slid out of my chair on the floor laughing and they also laughed.
I WENT IN THE WRONG CHURCH!!!! The Christian Church was next door.
After trying to compose myself, I stood up rubbed my hands together and asked.
"Besides me, do you all have anything else to pray for?"
Again they laughed and handed me a Bible.
I often joke....could be worse, could be a Baptist.

Joke's on me these folks were pretty nice to this fool.


Angie said...

Yeah. . .these are the moments. I laughed out loud on this one. Ask Mark. I did.

Chris Thompson said...

LOL! That's good stuff!

Steve said...

Very funny!

Steven said...

Classic, Doug. Just perfect.

TexasPickup said...

Doug, c'mon in, the water's warm!! :-) That is really funny.