Saturday, June 26, 2010

"The Band"

So I thought I'd throw out another positive post...
A band called Drops of Jordan have been playing with us for a while.
Great people.
They have asked me to part of the fun. I readily agreed.

Dave Rice - Keys/Vox
Donna Rice - Lead Vox
Al Novak - Electric Guitar
Jerome Walker - Bass
John Scarzone - Lead Vox
Jessie Scarzone - Lead Vox
David Powell - Drums
Doug White - Acoustic Guitar

Everyone sings lead vox?....Yup, they switch off and cover harmonies when not singing lead, very cool indeed.
We've been practicing every Monday night and I have to say it's been a blast.
Here's an original

Speak to Me

Facial Hair...

I have some things I want to write about but I'm not sure how to put my feelings in print without me sounding like angry old man so I'm putting it together in my mind.


My facial hair Yoda (i.e. Mark Aubry) was able to grow a full beard by third grade. It's always been a toy for him. I have not been able to join in the fun until recently. I decided to see how long I could grow my Goat...
This was about as long as I could take it.

Soon after this picture I was eating cereal in the family room holding the bowl beneath me. After I was finished I realized my beard was wet and had been hanging in my milk for most of my breakfast. I trimmed it 2 minutes later.
I have no idea how the men of the Civil War era were even able to eat at all...

I'll save Donna Mo a trip to the comment page.
From Donna: "It was about time! Gross"

More to come.