Thursday, March 10, 2011

Missed February...

So I missed it eh?
That's a wee bit embarrassing. Quite a few things have happened since my posting.
I spent over twenty days in February on the road for TriMarq. Very very thankful for not only the work but that I didn't get fired from the bar for taking so much time off.
I got stranded in Atlanta again but it was the snow storm of he decade on the Chicago end that messed that up. It was quite a sight to land at O'Hare seeing dozens and dozens of snow plows working the runways. Green Bay, Chicago and Pensacola rounded out the shows for what turned out to be a very busy but good month.
The big news as it turns out is that my parents are moving in with us the first weekend of April. Mom's dementia is getting progressively worse and needs more attention.
They will basically take over the upstairs and with our work schedules, Kim and myself will be able to help them with the day to day tasks of living.

More to come...