Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Funday!

The girls spend Monday's here while Laura is in school. Today, Kim had a full day's activities planned and I just hung on for the ride.
First on the agenda? Tree Trimming!

On to sewing with Meema time!
Kim let them pick some fabric out and made them quick bags...

Then some craft time...

No compound in any of our carpets so it's a win!
What a great day...

Meema is still going...Papa needs a beer.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Perhaps one of the finest beers I have had...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Groped in San Antonio...

Yup, you read that right.

The San Antonio airport opened a new terminal on the day I had a flight home. Outfitted with the latest equipment in the war on terrorism, the TSA's were ready to do battle. Along comes "Dangerous Doug" (that's me) ready to fly home. I fly quite often and have a system of taking everything I have on me and putting it in my computer bag. All I carry on me going through the metal detector is my drivers license and my boarding pass. I never get stopped, never. This day however? Quite a different story. I stood in the new fancy x-ray machine and held my arms up just like the picture in the machine told me to and for some reason, I "triggered an alert" I was then asked to stand on a mat with two foot prints on it. I complied and was then told I needed to submit to a physical search. I was taken in a small room with two TSA men in it to get my search. I was then warned that I was going to get a complete body hand search. Torso, arms, legs, rear end, crotch, hands run all the way around my waste, inside my pants. By the time the search was ending, I was pretty angry. I got a little smart and told them they could at least buy me dinner before they get in my pants...dumb I know but I was not thrilled with having the only metal on me being my fillings and I still get targeted. Here's the kicker. On the way down to Texas, I go into my backpack on the plane to get my iPod and what do I see? my 4.5 inch folding knife and a 7 inch Phillips screw driver...nice job TSA's.
If it happens again, I'll assume it's because I'm big. We'll see...

Okay, I have now seen many reports on the unconfirmed safeness of the x-ray machines.
I will now refuse to use them which is a 100% grope session. It will be up to me to get creative on what they find on me...heck we all know I'm no stranger to women's under ware and such. I may just wear a bra also and give the TSA's something to talk about on their coffee breaks.
Stay tuned!

*Edit II Feb.7*

Opted out of the x-ray machine on another flight.
This time I got frisked in public. That made all the difference in the world.
I was totally okay with it. Maybe being taken into a locked room was the difference?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November status...

I walked around in the back yard today and saw all the gardens put to bed. I saw the
four month supply of wood stacked and ready to burn to keep us warm. November can be a dark, cold, gray skies and no snow. Being a transition month it can be tough to get out of Summer mode and prepare for Winter. Kim is in the air now leading a group of 146 to Egypt and Israel and I leave Saturday for a 5 day show in San Antonio. Does this mean work is getting better? It just may. The production company I have been doing some work for has me booked for work out through February with shows in pencil beyond that.
I am down to 10 days at the bar for this month and I am thrilled.
My parents are getting older every day. Yes, they have been doing that for a long time but Mom is slipping a bit. Oldest sister Donna has stepped in to help organize doctor visits and such and I know it's frustrating her but I'm glad she's here.

We'll see what the future holds...