Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November status...

I walked around in the back yard today and saw all the gardens put to bed. I saw the
four month supply of wood stacked and ready to burn to keep us warm. November can be a dark, cold, gray skies and no snow. Being a transition month it can be tough to get out of Summer mode and prepare for Winter. Kim is in the air now leading a group of 146 to Egypt and Israel and I leave Saturday for a 5 day show in San Antonio. Does this mean work is getting better? It just may. The production company I have been doing some work for has me booked for work out through February with shows in pencil beyond that.
I am down to 10 days at the bar for this month and I am thrilled.
My parents are getting older every day. Yes, they have been doing that for a long time but Mom is slipping a bit. Oldest sister Donna has stepped in to help organize doctor visits and such and I know it's frustrating her but I'm glad she's here.

We'll see what the future holds...


Angie said...

Just remember, it's awesome that we don't have to know WHAT the future holds, but we confidently know WHO holds it.

Love you, man!!!

Anonymous said...

Angie beat me to it. I had the exact same thought.

Regarding the upcoming work - congrats! And I've never been to San Antonio. I'd remember that.

We're experiencing Indian Summer in November right now. As in shorts-and-T-shirts, above 70 weather. Odd, but I'll take it.

And if Kin's the leader of a group that big, she probably got her way paid for, plus some. A working vacation, but still fun.

And it's good to be close to your parents when they need help, both of you kids. That physical closeness is something I wish I had.