Friday, August 27, 2010

Honor Flight

There's no way I can put in to words how amazing the people who organize and support the Honor Flights are.
A nice send off, a great welcome in DC, the memorials, an off the hook reception back in Chicago. I am speechless.

Chicago Fire and Police are on hand to greet the plane...

Monday, August 23, 2010

A lesson here and there...

Today is Laura's first full day of Nursing school. We have the three kids here and decided to take a little walk uptown to the candy store.

On the way we passed a small hill and Kim decided that today was the day to teach the kids about hill rolling. After demonstrating it herself she helped Olive and Amelia. It won't be long before their hill rolling skills are honed.

We then stopped into the store where Kim used to work for a little play time. Elle loaded her diaper and Kim's old boss sure enough had a spare, perfect. On Kim's trip to the dumpster to make a deposit, she saw a kids bed frame with "free" sign on it by the Catholic charities office. Once again just what we needed.

We have an adorable little candy store in town so we figured it's time to jack our grand kids up on sugar before Laura gets here.

Time to walk home...
Sometimes when things are hard, taking time out to teach wee ones how to roll down a hill is just the thing you need to remind you of the important things in life.