Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Cell Phone...

Okay here we go...

What kind of society have we become that we can't get by without our precious smart phones for an hour or two? In shooting a wedding yesterday I spent more time trying to get the attention of the shootee's away from their phones. During the hair and makeup time the bridesmaids all had cute matching t-shirts, mimosa's, 4 hair and makeup stylists, fun music playing, pretty dresses ready to be worn and what are they all doing, sitting on the bed with their heads buried in their phones.
A bit later the groomsmen were all standing around with their heads buried and I actually leaned into one of them and asked what we would do if we didn't have smart phones... "I dunno, maybe talk to each other?" then went back to his phone.
Then comes the FABULOUS cameras we all carry now. I was hired to shoot an event that Matt Forte of the Bears was going to walk around and take pics with people.
I was supposed to shoot the meet and greet shots BUT!!!! everyone getting their picture with Matt wanted it on their phone so they could instantly communicate with the world who they were standing with. The majority of the pics I took that night were of the group smiling for a cell phone then dispersing leaving me with no shot. Trust me I was making myself known, I'm hard to miss.
   When shooting weddings I always have to let who ever is there with a phone get the shot first. The people getting their pictures taken always know the cell phone holder better than me so of course they are going to pose for them first. So after 3 or 4 cell phone people, I can then try and get their attention back to me. I can't even tell you how much shooting time cell phones have cost me. Then comes the ceremony. People have no shame in standing in front of you to get their shot and because your screen is the viewfinder you have to hold it up for all to see to get that pulitzer winner. How many concerts have we been to lately that is just a sea of bluish glowing 4 inch screens. Forget the lighter, the cell phone is now our beacon of support. Now one area of a wedding I think is kind of fun for cell phone is the exit from the church. I actually like seeing a bunch of phones out capturing the bubbles or bird seed being launched at the new couple I'll admit, pretty fun.
    How about dinners, here's where I have point the finger at myself. I am guilty of food pics. I am also guilty of checking email looking for the next job. All too often when I am in a restaurant, I see couples more interested in Face Book than the person sitting across from them and not just a quick check, a full blown absorbed session. I heard once of a game. Everyone at dinner has to put their cell phone in the middle of the table in a stack and the first person to check the internet has to pay for dinner.

Cell phone tip from a photographer.
If you feel the need to take a picture and absolutely have to, your heart will just break of you don't get the shot, do it. Do it fast and do your best not to disturb anyone around you BUT FIRST!!!
look behind you and see if you are getting in the shot of the pro, wait 30 seconds and they will have moved on.  Be as discreet as humanly possible.

Bottom line, cell phones are not going away anytime soon. Don't let em control your life.
Words I am going to do my best to live by.