Friday, September 26, 2008

The South East....A 3rd World Country?

So I'm in Atlanta doing a 3 day show for MicroStuff and I keep seeing huge gas shortages on the news. No gas for Atlanta and most of Georgia. I climb back into my Penske truck to make my way back to IL and see I only have a quarter tank. According to the fuel gauge, I can make it 90 miles. I head out of the city and immediately I am seeing abandoned cars on the highway...not good. I get 45 minutes away and I the gauge now says I have 30 miles. I pulled up to 9 stations that had plastic bags hung over the pumps, no gas. At one of the stations I pulled into I saw a car with FL plates obviously out of gas with a woman sobbing trying to figure out what to do. I drove a bit more and find a 10th with bags over only 2 of the 3 pump nozzles? dare I try? I pull up and there's a sign reading. "due to the gas shortage all that is left is premium. 25.00 limit." I get my precious 25 dollars worth of gas. I can make it another 120 miles. I heard that once I got into Tennessee, I should be fine. I get to Chattanooga with the gauge once again reading 20 miles left. 5 gas. Man, I just want to go home but it was looking like I was going to be stuck there. I turned down a random street that didn't look too lit up but at the end I saw a station with it's lights on. No bags? No Signs?
I was able to top off the mileage range? 327 miles...NICE!
I stopped just outside of Nashville for the night.

Quite the drive...


Steve said...

Kinda scary when the whole infrastructure stops working. Makes you want to start stock-piling things, like food and water. And gas. Maybe guns and ammo.

Angie said...

*WE* have gas in OUR part of the state. You can always come see US. : )