Sunday, July 8, 2007

What I be putt'n in my ears...

I saw a post on Mark's blog about his long and tragic musical history (LoverBoy)?
OK, time to fess up...Kim's birthday is next Friday and I already got her an automatic cat box. Now any woman would stop right there and thank the man upstairs for having such an attentive husband but noooooo..... Now, it seems in addition to the auto kitty pooper scooper, I now have to take her to see, yes you guessed it, LOVERBOY! Saturday night up in McHenry. Now all I have to do is find my headband, parachute pants with suspenders. OH BOY!

Back to the subject at hand...
I admired Mark's vast and memorable history of his musical life and there is no way I could sit my ADD butt down long enough to figure that all out. Hat's off to you Mark.
Let's just say that my first 45 was Michael Jackson's "Rock'n Robin" Let's come to the present!

In the car I listen Jazz only on our local college station WDCB You can listen online, give it a shot, tell em I sent ya. Now if it's Saturday? The public radio line up of Car Talk, Wait Wait...Don't tell me and What do you know? seem to rule the airwaves. When I am flying, relaxing, oh heck just about anytime's Singer/Songwriter. I looked up the top plays on my iPod and it seems that Lowen & Navarro tops that list. I love these guys. I think I have every CD. One of the best S/S recording artists out there is none other than Lyle Lovett , He never ceases to amaze me. Next would be Willy Porter, not only does this guy have the guitar chops of Michael Hedges, his song writing is top notch. Patti Griffin, Colin Hay, John Austin, Kristen Hall , Edwin McCain, EmmyLou Harris,
Jimmy Webb, who wrote for everybody. Dig this tune. The list is so long It would take forever to compile all the singer/songwriters I like. Other than S/S I also listen to a ton of
Dave Grisman who I saw at O'Hare one time I might add... CSN, Tull, (I even have the complete box set. ) AHHHH TOO MANY ARTISTS!

I have just scratched the surface of what I listen to. You can hear (and have) complete recordings of a few music samples here.

More later...



Angie said...

Along with the extensive list of songs, I assume there will be plentious pictures of the headband and *red leather* pants.

Ahhhhhhh, Mike Reno, we hardly knew ye.

MDA said...

My first 45 was Paul Simon's Kodachrome, about 1973. I couldn't tell you what was on the B side.

A quick look on the web says that Kodachrome was the B side to Take Me To The Mardi Gras.

The things you learn from blogs.

Doug, check out Fairport Convention. British Isles folk music. Dave Pegg (long time Tull bassist) is one of the center musicians in FC.

A quote from their site:
"Fairport did for real ale what the Grateful Dead did for LSD."