Thursday, October 4, 2007


I left Monday for business, returning today (Thursday). Kim left today on a 4pm flight for her gig. She gets back in 10 days but I leave on the 9th day for Denver. So that was the long way of saying we weren't going to see each other for a while. I landed today at Midway at 12:20pm, jumped in a shuttle to O'Hare to try and see Kim before she left and get our car in the O'Hare lot. The shuttle driver got me door to door in 40 minutes, it was a little hair raising but that's ok, I don't have much hair to raise (unless we are talking about ear hair). Not only did I get to see Kim, we were able to catch up for over an hour before she had to go through security.
Some things are meant to be...


Angie said...

Very, very cool. Mark and I spent the drive out to our home-closing today (YEAH!) talking about our early days & months . . . dating and all.

We laughed about so many things. Ironically, your name came up in the conversation a number of times.

LOVE the pic of the two of you.

Happy bachelor days. . . AA

MDA said...

Make her pay for half the shuttle fare. As in:

You married me
You took the trip

Darrenator Apparel

Doug said...


very nice