Friday, February 8, 2008

Green Bay

Yes, it is cold and windy up here...

I'm up here doing a show NOT FOR MS!!!
What a nice break from the norm.
Here's a time lapse of the setup from Wednesday.
Set up video

Would like to work for these guys more.


Donna said...

That was fascinating! Who gets to be in the crane and do that stuff? Are there any union people involved? How many of you were actually doing this? I was trying to think of some cool background tune for this video - perhaps the William Tell overture.

Doug said...

The guys in the basket were union riggers. They attach our lift motors to the actual building. Once they do that they turn it back over to us.
4 riggers and 12 AV guys. A great crew. I was in awe of their abilities. Might add music...good idea. For this show all I did was assemble and wire the side hanging array speakers then ran audio cable the rest of the day. If you look close you can see me as the spotlight dummy stand in on stage.

Steve said...

Way cool. People have no idea about what goes into one of these productions.

Got some questions. What was the total setup time? What was the picture interval - about five minutes?

And where did you stash your camera so it wouldn't be moved during the whole thing??

Doug said...

5 frames every 30 seconds
Total set up time was about 8 hours.
Camera off for lunch.
The camera was in the corner of the room.

Doug said...

oh and I didn't shoot it, one of the other guys did...

Steve said...

Yeah - that speed makes sense. A frame every 6 seconds gives you the motion on the lifts. A frame every 300 seconds doesn't.

Cool video (even if it is in a Windows format).