Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have three shows out here. Anaheim, Santa Clara and San Francisco.
Anaheim? done and set up for Santa Clara today. This is the Virtualization tour.
Don't ask I sat through the sessions and still don't get it. YEAH DOUG! ( I will not be assimilated). No good stories, this is just what's occupying my time.

I did go to a Sushi house a couple of blocks from my hotel last night, interesting.
There is a wasabi etiquette that I have been doing it wrong on.
I was told by a sushi expert that putting wasabi in my soy and mixing it up was for sushi posers. This place last night had three other tables with actual Japanese people sitting down for meals. In fact I was the only round eye there...
We all arrived a the same time so I was going to watch what they did... all three tables of people put wasabi in their soy. I'm NOT a poser after all!

Hopefully something fun will happen on the road but hanging with MS geeks doesn't offer much to write about.
I will try and write about my sound guy on this tour. Will Zimmerman. He has produced and played for Gladys Night and toured 2 years with LL Cool J playing sax in his band.
A very laid back and wonderful man. I'll pump him for info and try and get a story out of him.


Angie said...

Well, from one MS user. . .thanks for what you're doing for "our" side. :)

Steve said...

Orange county? Say Hi to the Supertones!

Neat on the sushi thing. Wasabi is spicy for me. I've tried it before, and it zinged my mouth. I'll have to try mixing it like you do. You sushi pro!

Donna said...

I thought I was the last one to learn about mixing the wasabi in the soy - it's the only way to go! Still having difficulty with the chopsticks. Any tips for that? Do you want to hear about the time I wouldn't eat the sushi but did want the "guacamole"? One learns through experience...