Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mema & Amelia...

What do you do with a fresh 9 inches of show on the ground?

YOU MAKE COOKIES!! (and drink Mexican hot chocolate)

I looked at this post this morning and realized I left so much more out.
1. Jim and the kids came over.
2. Made pancakes and sausage.
3. Bundled Amelia up and sent them on their way to go for a "snow boat" ride
4. Olive naps
5. Amelia bursts through the door and demands a bath.
6. THEN, cookie time with Mema.
There I feel complete. This was one of those perfect days, one for the books, (or blog)


Angie said...

Oh, how wonderful and warm. YUM!

Steve said...

Mmmmmmm - can you email me a couple?

Doug said...

Whack em out on sugar then give em back!
Love being a Grandparent!

Angie said...

Yeah, and thanks to grandparents like you (and my MOM) parents like me are collectively pulling their hair out all around the world! :)

Marsha said...

I'm envious. I haven't seen snow in years. We recently moved to Tennessee and it's cold here...but no snow. How sad is that. :)