Monday, February 2, 2009

Galoots on ice!

In Steve B's blog he threw out the challenge to go ice fishing with him. I accepted.
What is it about standing on a frozen lake with a length of 2 pound test dangled through a hole drilled in water? Ice fishing is more of a crap shoot than regular fishing. So why go? BECAUSE IT'S DANG FUN!
Steve has the best toys, I mean the best. A gas powered ice auger, a very comfortable shanty with molded seats, it's black and absorbs the heat of the sun and makes it very comfortable to sit, fish, have a beer, talk about life and dreams.
I'm ready to go back out.

Thanks for taking me!!


Steve said...

Man, you guys look like you're having too much fun.

And do you always wear your sunglasses at night?

Doug said...

Well that was daytime...
We closed the flap covers to take the picture.
That is the nicest shanty I have seen...(portable)