Friday, September 11, 2009

That thing she does...

Kim has many talents but one of the areas that she shines in is teaching.
I guess I will rant a little to say shame on Brookfield Zoo for making things so
miserable with their policies and "new style" teaching methods that good teachers like Kim just give up. The zoo has lost many talented people.

So here's Kim doing what she does best, teaching little kids about critters.
Today's critters? Her Chickens of course.


Donna said...

Ok, this is totally serious: don't chickens run away or fly away?

Doug said...

They don't wander far. We can leave them in the backyard and they will stay. They don't fly very well at all.
I have to say, one of our better pet choices over the past few years.
Not even trying to sway you, just stating the fact.

Donna said...

Sway me? As if... John and I are firmly united in our love of the grandchildren and our pet-free home. Although those fresh eggs would be nice... Just glad it works for you and Kim!