Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Tri-Marq show

What can I say, Jim and the Tri-Marq boys do a great show.
The location? The Wisconsin Expo center in Milwaukee. The client? Aurora Health Care. A big hospital group 20,000 employees of which 1900 "brass" were at this show.
There is so much going on backstage that the client never sees to pull off a blended image background. The thousands of dollars in just fiber optic DVI cables is mind boggling. Jim has all the lead areas covered with regular guys so all I do is float around and assist who ever needs an extra set of hands at the time and then run a camera for the show. Odd but it's better than standing behind the bar.
On to the social side, Jim treats his crew very well at every show, simply amazing.
The first night, dinner at Crazy Water, a wonderful dinner cooked by two chefs in a bay window smaller than my bathroom, amazing. Our flop house? The Iron Horse Hotel oh my, what a place, check out the pics on the site.

Back home after a whirlwind 2 days...

All this...

to get you this...

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