Saturday, January 2, 2010

The first post of 2010

Well I guess I should put a few things down to start this year off...

Not gonna lie, 2009 sucked...sucked pretty hard.
Thank goodness for love and faith. Kim and I have been challenged like never before but our love for each other and our faith in God has not wavered.
We wonder what 2010 will bring. I am already in the habit of saying 20 10 not two thousand ten just in case you were curious. I have four part time gigs with no benefits at any. Kim and myself are flying without an insurance net. I am hoping this year brings a full time gig.
Job one....the bar.
Yes, I am still tending bar. I must admit I really love 90% of the social aspect of the place. Meeting new people and winning them over with a few jokes and a well made drink has people coming back. Each of the bar tenders has a few regulars and then there are the communal regulars that we all get and wish would leave...ha.
I also LOVE the sommelier aspect of pairing beer or wine to what people are eating. The look of enjoyment at my selection gives me an indescribable pleasure. There is a course you can take to become a beer sommelier, to be Cicerone certified would be pretty cool. Would it make me more money probably not. Would it make me more beer geeky? Absolutely. Being the old guy at the bar, working with an entire server staff that is as old or younger than my daughter has been interesting and I even got invited to my first party being thrown for a few of the girls birthday's. I'm not going but it was nice to be asked. Being at the bar, I get to eves drop on a slice of society that I have found pretty interesting. I will continue to do my job there with as much passion as I can muster until something comes along. The bar...not much money but I am grateful for every shift I can bring home a few dollars.
Job two... The Church
Each of our eleven campuses has a person called an "Arts Director" I am filling that position at our down town Naperville campus for the next four months or so. It is a no training job so being thrown into this position is confusing and frustrating at times.
leading the bands, organizing the services, tapping into the talents of our particular congregation is my job. At times I feel like I am begging for people to participate. I don't like that. So one of my biggest prayers lately has been for God to bring the right people to me. We are moving into an amazing facility in March/April and we have to bring an "A" music game over there, right now? a strong "C/B+" Getting to see the inner workings of Community Christian
has been very interesting. I admit I have taken what goes on in the background for granted, what an operation! I'm sure future "rants" will be coming from this job...ha.
My hobby of taking pictures has branched out a bit. A few cd covers and such has given me a boost to start marketing myself a bit more aggressively. A digital signage company has been sending me to different locations to shoot display demos of their work. Pay? well they financed my new camera so I'm totally cool with that.
Here are a few examples

A few more examples...

So far in my photographic career I have brought in a whopping 250.00 to the family coffers. I am feeling better about charging. I have a band and another food shoot coming up in the next few weeks.

I have a photo club I belong to, here's my page
My Folder

Job four....piano tuning

Yes I am also still tuning a few pianos. I would like to get more. We dug out my old books and are going to start calling a few people. It's been 8 years since the books have been used so most everyone has wither died or moved on to another tuner but who knows we might dig up a couple.

So what does 2010 hold for work? No clue. I just hope and pray the marketing dollars are released from companies so I can get back out producing shows. Sorry for the long windedness of this but what else do you do when it's 5am and you can't sleep?


Donna said...

What an interesting and challenging year this is going to be for you! With your wide support of love from friends and family, I predict 2010 will be a very good year for you!

Anonymous said...

Doug, you have the two biggest things going for you:

1) You are breathing in and out

2) You are on God's side

With those things, nothing is impossible. Hold your head up, and remember that God is bigger than anything.