Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A special Sunday morning...

On Sunday morning July 13th, my Dad passed away.
After 89 years of an amazing life he spent less than a week in Hospice care in our home.
Not having any medical experience, I was not sure what was going to happen or how so I didn't know what to expect and I have to say, I was pretty scared.
Hospice comes in with a few drugs for us to have on hand in case of breathing difficulties or anxiety and it wasn't
until Saturday evening we noticed his breathing was, for lack of a better term, controlled panting. The nurse suggested we give him a .25mg dose of morphine to calm that down. We did so but I wasn't sure if it made a difference. We stayed up with him for as long as we could before we fell asleep. I woke around 7:30, put on some music for Dad and he was in the same state but now 100% unresponsive or unable to squeeze my hand when asked to. Around 8:15, his breathing became more labored so I gave him .5mg of the morphine and within 10 minutes his breathing calmed, it was shallow but calm. Kim was working with Mom to get her ready for the day and as she brought her out she wheeled her over to see Dad. As she touched his arm I could notice his breathing was slowing to every 5 seconds or so, then 10 seconds, then...nothing. He just stopped breathing. No gasp, no twitch, he just ceased. Kim was on the phone with the Hospice nurse and I checked his neck for a pulse, it was over.  I had not experienced anything like this. Was honored yet a little....uhhhhh, what do I do now?
Was there divine intervention for him to wait until Mom was by his side? I don't know but sure was amazing timing.
Siblings were all called, tears were shed. An amazing peace for all of us. 

All four of his kids were able to see him before he died...win
No suffering....win
Peaceful end...win


Anonymous said...

My sympathies. He was a good man. It does sound like he was ready to go. Glad it was calm.

Colleen S said...

Deepest condolences. I'm so very sorry for your loss!
My Mom passed away the exact same date, right after she was in hospice care. Curiously, Fr. John was instrumental in prolonging her life. He told me my parents were in need. I quote, "Colleen! Your father needs you!" ... (Fr. John saw that my mother wasn't well when everyone else missed it). She was "taking care of" my dad. It was then that I moved into their home to care for them (against my mother's strenuous objections). My father is well at 87, my mother survived (almost) to 83... beyond all medical expectations.