Saturday, August 25, 2007


Man do I take that stuff for granted!
We are part of the "no power" crowd for the 3rd day now. Remember in the movie "Batman" with Jack Nicholson where the entire city was afraid to take showers or use makeup? that's how everyone in my neighborhood looks like now with me as the head "eeewww"

On the plus side I bought my first chainsaw yesterday. I now now what it's really like to be a man(insert grunt). Our whole area is covered by downed trees. After making some order of our property we went over to Kim's retired priest's house where he has 10+ trees down. After that Kim and I went out to my church where I was terminating audio connections for our new theater. Kim took advantage of the showers we have there and felt human again.

So Saturday is here and they are expecting a few more days of outage. I hope they fix it soon, I'm running out of things to talk about with Kim! (kidding) no seriously.

Hope the people here a Panera don't get sick looking at my bed head while eating their muffins... sorry folks.

*Update as of 8am*
Kim just called and said 3 trucks from Toledo Edison pulled up in front of our house.
They are saying the grid we are on is really really bad. They will try and have it up by tomorrow.
God Bless Ohio!

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*Update 6pm*
Toldeo Edison just pulled away leaving us with full power...Gotta love Ohio sparkies!


Donna said...

Holy Caboley! On the news Thurs am there were choppers over Prairie and Charlotte in Lombard. I know you live on Prairie but didn't know where Charlotte was. This morning Kim tells me the street is 3 houses from yours. Ok, here's the line I plan to deliver to the Aged P's at some point; let me practice on you: Why don't you head to Paula or Al's? They have plenty of room!

Angie said...

Wow. . .we had no idea all this was going on. Sorry to hear about your bedhead, but glad it's gone!