Friday, November 23, 2007

Internet saves Thanksgiving day!

No not food related...we owned that.

Kim and I for 15 years have been serving with the Little Brothers With Amelia in the mix now, I felt the need for us to do a Thanksgiving dinner. Kim the kids and myself haven't had turkey on Thanksgiving for a long long time, Reza's has been the destination of choice for our meal. So this was a treat to stay home and give it a shot. Kim sets a heck of a table and growing up in farm country Iowa has plenty of down home sides to go accompany the 2 turkeys I had planned, one grilled, one fried. Mom and Dad decided to join us along with Aunt Marge, Steve and Barb, Laura Jim, Karen who just got home from her year long stint serving the Army in Iraq (thank full and thrilled she's home safe) and of course, little Amelia. A great meal followed by Kim and I teaching Amelia the Chicken dance (accompanied by Dad and the squeeze box) A very fun evening. Now here's the internet part. As Kim and I were cleaning up we discovered that a bottle of wine had apparently dribbled onto the table cloth and making a very nice white ring on our antique table....oops. Kim was not thrilled at all and jumped online to see if she could find a remedy for our problem. Mayo...huh? Yes smear mayo on the offensive ring and it will disappear. Fifteen minutes later and the ring was still there. Back to the net. An iron, no way NEXT! A hair dryer, ok give it a shot. I head downstairs so I won't have to be around to witness Kim's disappointment, poor naive woman suckered by another internet rouse. The longer the whine of the dryer droned, the madder I knew she was getting. "Doug!" uh it comes. "get up here". Crap how am I going to console her. To my amazement... ring gone. I change my stance that everything you see on the internet IS true!!
Day saved...a Thanksgiving for the books.

Check out the film short made by a buddy of mine. Jose has huge heart and I am a lucky guy to get to do projects with him. I did nothing on this except loan a microphone. Nice job bud...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Angie said...

What a wonderful post. I've been too busy decorating trees and entertaining company to post a long one. Maybe later tonight. . . ?

Loved seeing everyone at REZA'S. I am so homesick.

Yes, Chicago is *still* my home.


Donna said...

Wow, the table did look fabulous! Sorry to not be a part of it. So, why no details about the sides? And that quilt, does it photograph well or what?

Steve said...

Cool - you got credited at the end of Jose's film. Neat!!