Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Virtual is literally done

Anaheim - Done
San Jose - Done
San Francisco - Done
Minneapolis - Done
Chicago - Done
New York City - Done
Boston - Done
Washington DC - Done
Philly - Done
Atlanta - Done

The Virtualization tour is over and I have to say, even with the slight challenges we had, this was the best tour I have been on.

TC, Me, Brian, Zim

The best bunch of guys to travel with...



Steve said...

Man, with you guys all together, the teamsters had better know they're getting into something serious if they try anything funny.

Glad you guys completed your tour well - no broken bones, no stolen equipment, no fake PCs.

Wait. Scratch that last one.

Doug said...

We had 3 laptops stolen in San Fran...
It's ok, they had Vista on em... joke's on them!

Steve said...

Oh, I see. Those fall under "no fake PCs".

That'll teach 'em. Although maybe they were planning on scrubbing Vista and dropping on Ubuntu.

Doug said...

The goob got caught on video and was arrested one week later...
He kept mumbling something about security issues?

Steve said...

Riiiight. Just like "I was breaking into your computer to show you that it was insecure." Thanks, Jethro. Nice bracelets.