Thursday, November 20, 2008

We are now both home...

Picked Kim up from the airport last night. It is good to have us both home at the same time!
Kim has a fascinating gig and should blog but I can't seem to get her into it.
I will post a few of her pics and maybe, just maybe if I massacre the text enough she will take over and give better stories. Kim leads pilgrimages for a small company/mission group to help Catholics to better understand their faith by visiting not only the actual sites where Jesus and his kin folk walked but Church history as well.
This trip was Egypt, Israel and Palestine.
Here we go...

It starts in Egypt with Joseph, Mary and Jesus and the escape from King Herod

See one Sphinx you've seen em all

I'm not quite sure about the trip order but I think from Egypt they go to Mt.Sinai, ride camels up that bad boy for a sunrise prayer service. Kim did that on the last trip so she slept in on this one.
Off to Israel. Kim got a rare treat of being able to stay at a very nice Kibbutz hotel over looking the Sea of Galilee.

She even had a hot tub or as I called it...a Jewcuzzi

Once in Jerusalem they take a wee journey about 2o minutes due South to Bethlehem. What's hard to imagine is that Bethlehem is controlled by Palestine not Israel. The tourist dollar is very important so security is very high.
Kim's group got word that someone in her group was going to be the 1 millionth person visiting Bethlehem this year (Article). They were met by the ministry of tourism for flowers, dancing and gifts. Kim was 1,000,016.

The staff for this trip...

Killer food the whole trip

Kim on the Sea of Galilee

They even got Kim to puff on a hookah...

There are so many more pictures and stories so I will have to just make her play show and tell...


Angie said...

She really DOES need to blog this stuff.

. .. not that you didn't do a phenomenal job. Because, you did.

You rocked on the jewcuzzi line.

Steve said...

I think you oughta go next time. You'll show up in a fez. You'll get the great shot of the Bethlehem Line Dancers, and help them correct the grammar in their signs.

And you'll be the one written up in Al Jazeera, and never be able to work for the government again.