Sunday, March 8, 2009

Notes from Sunday

Community Christian Church has seven locations. I usually play at the main campus (the Yellow Box). Bill Carroll heads up the music over at the downtown Naperville campus and he asked if I would consider becoming part of the second Sunday regular band. I thought if I could still do a weekend over at the box also, why not?
The killer part is that the regular guys in the band I was asked to join are amazing players. Chris Stell was 3 years old when I first started playing at the church. He's now 23 and a monster player. Wonderful organ parts(on his guitar) to color fills in any style AND rip your face off rock and roll makes this guy a serious force.
Steve Schneck is an solid Bass player that leaves my mouth hanging open every time he plays. Dan Knighten is the new kid on the block. A 20 year old drummer that is rock solid and a humble man. This is one good band and I am a fortunate man.

Chris Stell

Steve Schneck

Dan Knighten

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