Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New kid on the rail...

Well, I finished my second shift at the Pub.
I have to say it seems to be a young persons game. My trainer is younger than Laura...woo hoo!
She is patient with me. The refrigerators under the bar hold about 150 different bottles from all over the world. I do my best to find the brew and about 60% of the time I have to cry uncle and ask where it is. I haven't caught her rolling her eyes at me yet but if I don't get up to speed on the location deal, she might kill me. Case in point. I had to find a something or other "negra" in Spanish is dark or black. I am scouring the Mexican section and simply can't find it...."uhhh, Mary?" "Dude, that a Spanish beer" Now the Spanish beers are over by Ireland. But of course they are!
I better figure it out soon. There about 40 beers on tap, if I can't find them, I better look for even more different work. Now the tenders get order tickets that we fill and put the drinks by the server window. When we tenders serve people sitting at the bar we take the fill the order then enter it into the computer. The ticket then prints up over by the glasses. Now we have already filled that order so we just grab the ticket and pitch it. My first and second training nights. I filled drink orders that had already been filled because I didn't look to see the name on the ticket. Last night I only made that mistake twice. Tonight I was doing so good but then Mary walked up to a lonely pint of beer sitting at the window and yet again duded me..."uhh...dude? you filled your own drink order that you already filled.
uhhh....well? I was practicing?...crap.
Until the next shift...

My boss Steve

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