Monday, August 24, 2009

Stepping up...well done Christ the King Parish!

What an unexpected day!
Some of you know I made friends with Father Tony Cortesi who operates a Hospice/Orphanage down in Haiti. On a day to day basis he deals with more heartache than most of us experience in a lifetime. He sees the face of Jesus in every dying child he takes in to give the most comfort and dignity until it's that time for them to pass. What a compassionate man. He had no web site to promote his cause so I conscripted Lonnie to set up a blog to look like a website. was born.
Father Tony came to town to raise some support and stayed with us last night so he could speak over at Christ the King in Lombard where Kim goes to church.
Being tough economic times, I didn't hold out much hope for much money being raised.
Kim arranged for Father Tony to speak at all four Masses this weekend.
My oh my...The good people of this conservative, aging parish stepped up and opened their hearts and checkbooks. Let's just say in this one weekend Fr. Tony raised enough money to pay for food, pay the rent AND pay the staff...

Well done people....well done!


Donna said...

Huge. Beyond huge.

S. Adams said...

Good to know there are still folks who cheerfully give to those in need!

Anonymous said...

That is excellent news! I cant imagine how excited you were to welcome Fr. Cortesi to Lombard, and how even more excited you were to realize what a success God worked through you three! Rock on Whites! Rock on!

Steve said...

Bravo. Lots of work, to support LOTS more work.

Laying up treasures in Heaven.