Sunday, August 30, 2009

A surreal opportunity...

Where to begin.
Most of you know of my friendship with Wayne McGee. We were in a band together back in our senior year of high school and just after, I became a piano tuner and he a missionary. After many years in Africa he and his family settled in London and Wayne became a gem merchant, an interesting transition that is a whole other post.
One passion that Wayne and I have always shared has been fishing. Me fishing small American lakes for bass and such, Wayne leaning towards...well, 100lb Nile perch to 1500+lb Sword fish of the coast of Senegal. Throw in many Salmon trips to Scotland and Alaska and you can defiantly say that Wayne is an exotic fisherman. So where do I come in on all of this? Wayne belongs to a group of guys that are all exotic location fishermen. They live all over the world and are meeting in Norway to chase Sea trout and Atlantic Salmon above the Arctic circle. The host? The inventor of a new type of fly rod, Zpey. With a chance of Wayne marketing the rod in the States they decided they wanted this trip documented. They all chipped in to pay my way to video and photograph this trip. What an amazing opportunity seeing as I have never been out of the country (Canada doesn't count). With a passport in hand and my hard drive cleared off, I am ready to leave on Tuesday.

(an interesting side note to this trip is that the town we are going to up in the arctic circle was mostly destroyed by the Nazi's in 1940. So this is also my first WWII battle site visit)


Donna said...

Dude, nice!

Mark's Ephemera said...

I am so jealous. Have fun. Be safe.

Chris Thompson said...

That sounds incredible! Have fun Uncle!

Angie said...

Can't wait to see pics. . . and hear stories. Although, I probably won't want to hear *all* the stories!!! :)

Steve said...

Way cool. Sounds like tons of fun (and frozen work).

I like the pic of the man looking into the chilly wet future.

And good thinking to clean off your hard drive. You drop Win7 in?

DL said...

Mr. Pig,

You inspire me. It is great to see you manifesting this leap out of your past and taking it! Yeaaah!

You go Pig! ;0