Monday, January 31, 2011

Atlanta Rev.2

A full crew a great show and no gear...
It's noon and we're all ready and assembled to do a show build and I see one of our lead techs with an odd look on his face, "we don't have our truck". Apparently, the driver bringing our gear down took the advance money and never picked up the truck. Our crew (8 peeps) waiting for the truck find out it's never left Milwaukee. The gear company who hired the guy, hired two guys that could drive straight through. We got the truck at 12:30 this morning. We unloaded and started the build around 1:15. I got to bed around 5:30. A full blown blended image wide screen show with all the bells and whistles set up in less than 4 hours with minimal griping. I love working with professionals that have the all for one, get it done mind set. The rest of the crew is resting and I'm manning my four breakout rooms. I'm tired but love the fact we nailed this set up.
The weather is now saying horrible snow and cold when I am supposed to be traveling (again) I'm starting to think I'm a snow/travel jinx. Maybe I should hate snow more but I just can't help it, I love it!
Stay tuned to see if I make it home!


Anonymous said...

A stand-up job by all (except for that weaselly truck driver). And it really feels good to come through in a crunch, and to pull it off successfully.


Don't do it again, though, unless you really need to.

Anonymous said...
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