Monday, January 24, 2011

Retro fishing post...

I found a few old pictures and these three reminded me of an ill fated fishing afternoon with Steve Bailey.
We were in the thick of it...Fish and mosquitoes. Fish after fish. On one of my casts I pulled hard over a weed bank and got a hook caught in my shoe lace. I couldn't get it out so I just cut my line and re tied so I could get back to the action.
About 20 minutes later the mosquitoes were really attacking. One bit on my right calf and I scratched it with my left foot. Forgetting there was a hook in my shoelace, I embedded the hook deep in my calf. I was so shocked I couldn't even speak to tell Steve what was going on. He saw me hopping on one foot and ran over to help. He helped me get my shoe off and we made our way back to the car. I leaned on the car with a pair of fishing pliers and tried and tried to pull the hook past the barb. I couldn't do it.
Giving up I made my way to home to so Kim could take me to the ER. After some local pain killer, the doc whips out a cheap pair of pliers. 20 seconds later I was getting a tetanus show and was sent on my way.
Gotta love fishing!


Anonymous said...

"What'd you do this weekend, Doug?"

"Went fishing."

"Catch anything big?"

"One was about a hundred eighty five."

"No way!"

"I'll show you the scar . . ."

Doug said...