Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another long week and IT AINT OVER!

Well today is my anniversary and I just woke up in a hotel somewhere in Georgia on my way to the last show of the week in Nashville. Sorry Kim I know we had a wonderful meal over the last weekend but it's just not the same. I know you said it was ok but it's not. Okay side note over. We did our last big event in Atlanta this week, the rest are smaller shows that we call "Standard" events. This is my last week promoting the server software. I am doing a show for another company in Miami next week and then I am doing a small 8 city tour for MS targeting CIO's and such. It will feel like a vacation compared to this tour.
I had John Austin as a tech on this tour and he set up a song writing session with Pat Terry. Pat is one of the founders of contemporary Christian music. When I was a kid I would watch his videos on TV and pretend I was in his band. It was a trio and they wore cool leather vests. I have 3 of his albums on vinyl. On the way out of Atlanta we set up a drop off for John on the north side of Atlanta. So here it is 10 pm in a parking lot of a Zaxby's chicken and I'm shaking hands with Pat Terry. What a surreal moment.
Very cool for me, you'll just have to trust me.
Here are a few shots from Atlanta. I know you are sick of them but this is all I have been doing...sorry.
On to Nashville...

Atlanta LKO show

My camera guy Brian with the biggest lens cap we have seen

We dubbed our area "Video Village" The empty seat is my video switching area.
and yes, my mac was there flinging powerpoint...

No pics of Pat, I was trying to be cool...


Steve said...

Dude, you're cool whether or not you take pictures of one of your childhood heros.

And I'm glad the heavy lifting is over. I attended a company business meeting today and was thinking about all that went into it, because of your work descriptions. These were much simpler - no lights to fly, and pretty simple PPT presentations with minimal video - but you were there in spirit, walking me through their setup, explaining why they did this a certain way, how they could have done that differently, explained why the dude with mike problems didn't just go back to the podium (well, I knew that, being a sound guy and all, but you would have told me how the professionals do it).

Still like how you have the fruit box serving up video for the company.

Doug said...

just like how you do aint rocket science.

Angie said...

Happy Anniversary, guys! Sorry it was spent away from each other. And no, I cannot believe it's been 14 years. I still remember the night -- driving through some parking lot with you and Mark (somewhere in LaGrange, I think) where you talked about this "girl" and how she had (I remember this) Amy Grant hair! :)