Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Good, Bad & the Ugly

Let's start off with the good. More like the FANTASTIC!!!
My dear friend Steve got his test results back... CANCER FREE!
Now understand he has dealt with Kidney, Prostate AND Bladder cancer, all caught in it's earliest stages and treated. God is waaay too good!

The Bad...
So how can I complain about a horrible show build in Dallas?
Not going too, let's just say we were short man power and the rest of us had to triple our work load including getting 20K lumen Christie projectors(130lbs+) up stadium seating stairs. Many opportunities for people to get hurt and we all stayed injury free. The show pulled off and that is all I have to say about that.

Now on to the ugly...
I have had been operating on so little sleep that my boss has given me the nickname of "Double Bagger" referring to my seemingly permanent bags under my eyes. I am home for 7 whole glorious days, now to make plans for a celebratory beer with Steve.


Steve said...

Sounds like you be having some real fun! Glad to hear about your friend escaping. Glad to hear that you didn't meet The Projector Of Death Or Serious Injury. And glad that you carry your bags with you - hate to lose them in an airport somewhere.

Doug said...

HA!!!! nice!

Angie said...

sounds like a well-deserved beer.

congrats on a successful, and injury-free set up in Dallas.

We're looking at a summer trip north. gonna be home???