Saturday, April 19, 2008

The week in review...

Well we're not going to talk about taxes so I guess I'll mention what else happened.
Only on MS show this week and that was in Madison. Sorry dear too smart Nephew, I had no time to buy you a beer this trip either. I will make it up to you, I promise.
The show went off just fine, nothing to mention there. After the show we went to a local Irish watering hole to celebrate one of our crew member's birthday. It was trivia night and we played as we ate. After 2 rounds of 9 questions each it wound up that we won. A 50 dollar gift card and an appetizer party for 10. We promptly handed our winnings over to the birthday boy for he has one of the franchise restaurants in his town. It was meant to be. Thank goodness for useless bits of information lingering in our brains. It finally paid off!
I got home Friday night knowing I have to leave again Sunday morning for next weeks shows. With that lingering in my head I needed some toddler time to lift my spirits.
I picked Amelia up this morning to take her to breakfast and then over to Willowbrook where Kim was working. She showed Amelia bunnies and rats. The little kid was totally into the whole experience. What a great morning. After that we went to the kids apartment and sat for both wee ones so Laura could get a break and go get her nails done.
The dryer is spinning with my last load for my trip this week. Omaha and Des Moines. Yippee?

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Angie said...

I keep hearing that grandparenting is more fun than parenting.

It will be a while (or at least it had better be) until I find out! ; )