Wednesday, May 16, 2007

His horror.

I thought I'd share the events of an evening a while back with you other old married guys. It's no secret that your fair drummer has his share (heck our share too) of women hanging around him like Vultures hanging around fresh road kill. Matt and I caught up last night for a post holiday catch up dinner. After a fine dinner and a couple of Guinness's we walked over to Features just so Matt could see if there were any women there to ditch me for. We walk out after an unsuccessful hunt to be met by 3 girls in their mid 20's. Matt looks at me and says "Go with me" before I could ask "GO WHERE?" He breaks into a Scottish accent claiming he's from Glasgow and he's here for a few days and wanting to know if we could go with them... How lame, yet they reply.....SURE!!!! huh? you've got to be kidding me. It worked? We follow them to another bar with Matt and the girls walking in the parking lot and me 20ft away on the sidewalk scratching my head wondering how the heck he did that. They all sit at a table, order drinks and I excuse myself to the restroom. I come back to the 4 of them laughing and chatting....The one girl says "what part of Glasgow are you from?" to which Matt replies in perfect American "Washington State" AWWW they're are going to kill him now...."That was a great accent, you're too much" and all that other crap. If I tried that, I'd wind up with a face full of pepper spray, crying like a baby and wetting myself while they all laughed. In amazement I watched Matt work 2 of the girls for quite a while when the third girl looked at me and blurted...

"aww hunny, your head is just the wrong shape to pull off a ..1
(electric trimmier) haircut.."

huh? "and you should shave that thing off of your face, I'm a hair
stylist, you should let me fix you when your hair grows out."
Gee.....thanks? MATT!!! HELP!!!....nope, working, working, working. I was in the presence of a master. I lasted a few more minutes before I bailed leaving Matt and the ladies behind.

His horror...

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