Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mid life crisis?

It seems that a series of events have been making me feel older. Let me start by saying in my early days I was quite a looker, as a matter of fact, My Heritage website likened me to that handsome devil Mr. Hasselhoff.

So what happened?

I lost a wee bit of hair.

My daughter made me a grandpa

My knees sound like sandpaper when I climb stairs...
I got my first dental bridge (gotta love the teeth of the Irish)
What gives? I still have the potty humor of a 7th grader (poo poo jokes kill me)
My hair is gray, I need glasses to read. I NEVER get carded when I buy a beer.
Crap, I guess mid life has started. So how do you remedy this horrible affliction?

1. Hang with young people...shot my first Gantsa rap video

Didn't work...

2. I know buy a red car!

Not only did that not work, I get to hear my knees make noise every time I get in it.
I was in the city and a 10 year old girl had her face pressed up to the window as I was walking up, she looks at me and says "Hey mister! this your car?" I beam proudly and say "It sure is" She replies with "YOU FIT IN THIS THING?"
"uh......get away from me kid, ya bother me"

I guess I should be thankful I made it this far (several fire work incidents should have killed me)

I have a wife I adore (she tolerates me)

A good bunch of friends and family that I love...
I guess I should shut up and enjoy the ride.

(did I mention the arthritis in my hands?)

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Angie said...

I still remember the night you told Mark and me about Kim. I believe it was something like, "She's really hot. . Like Amy Grant. . but hotter."

And you were right.

I hear Celebrex is good for those cracking knees. : ) I can't talk - I've had two kidney stones this year, and I'm nursing a hernia until I can get it repaired.

Aging sucks.