Thursday, May 17, 2007

A true production story

I was out in Scottsdale teching a meeting for our new masters of acquisition, This company bought the outfit I work for back in January of 06. When they took over they fired all support people that run our meeting rooms. The hospital and doctor network group booked a meeting in our training theater in Scottsdale but what they didn't fully understand is that the FIRED everyone who runs these meetings. I get a last minute call to fly out here and help them out, no problem, that's what I do.

My day started out at 5:30am prepping the room, why? they FIRED...ok, enough already.
anyhoo....The room was fully running with last weeks presentations blazing on my system. No one shut it down, crap everywhere. I set the room and get ready to greet the participants. The first people arrive and start throwing presentations at me to start loading, cd's, floppy's,usb drives. Thank goodness for a laptop with a cd burner! So far 28 presentations with no order. People I don't even know are looking at me with a "where's mine?" look on their face. 8am until 5 pm non-stop blah blah blah... 6pm until 7 cocktail party, 7pm until 10 dinner in our banquet room on site. Issue, automated building control turning the air off after 6 pm. After several phone calls I realize these folks are going to be hot. Second issue since they FIRED everyone who takes care of events like this, The new guys never applied for a temp liquor license for the evening. Sweating exec's with no beer. Now we can carry in but the caterer can't. Solution The VP of Networks and I are over in the Bar of the hotel next door ordering cases of beer and bottles of wine. These poor people were just melting. Women were uh....glowing? ok, the sight of streaming makeup was not pretty. Fillet Mignon on the plates and me going from table to table with cardboard cases of beer. With sweat dripping off of my nose, I get an approving nod from the VP. Here's where it gets odd, well more odd... I get to a table of ladies that have just given up. They are yelling threats from a menopausal heat related nature. I quickly grabbed 2 cold beers and placed them on the neck of the most dangerous looking woman. She screamed with delight....soon I had all the ladies supplied with beer neck coolers. One pulled out a dollar and shoved it in my pants. I look up to see the same VP shaking his head....let's just say I walked away 4 dollars richer. Kim does
I am so glad the fired me!


Angie said...

I tell you what. . .in (mumble,mumble) number of years, when I hit menopause, I will stuff TWENTIES in your pants if you'll drape my neck in cold beer bottles.


MDA said...

Great. I got my wife wanting to waste my hard earned money stuffing it into Doug's pants. Angie, you know you could easily get by with stuffing FIVES in his pants and he'd still be happy.

That story made me laugh out loud.

Love the blog. Love you.

Angie said...

Okay, love the new avatar - but where's the gratuitious blood spurt out the arm?

That will be an avatar, I tell you.....